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Voices of VirtueVoices of Virtue

The Imaam and Muazzin of a Masjid have always found their place amongst the ranks of the silent heroes of a community. Many times, they play a pivotal role in shaping society by advising the youth and offering assistance to those that are experiencing difficulty. It is fair to say that the Imaams and Muazzins of our communities go beyond their job description in serving the masses.

Considering the fact that many times their services go unnoticed, Radio Islam International brings you Voices of Virtue, A Tribute to Imaams and Muazzins. A campaign that will run throughout the month of Ramadaan and culminate at the Radio Islam Masjid Awards that will take place later this year on the 24th of August 2019.

Listeners are requested to pen down a tribute to their local Imaam or Muazzin by mentioning how the individual has impacted the lives of their family and the community. The objective of this campaign is to highlight the importance and value of the Imaams and Muazzins in society.

This campaign is family based. This means that even though one person might be writing the tribute, the focus should be on how the Imaam or Muazzin has impacted and assisted the entire family.

Most Impactful Imam

Here judges will be looking at an Imam that has made a positive impact on the Masjid and the broader community.

Judges will be looking at the following:

  1. Providing impactful leadership to the community
  2. Empowering the community
  3. Providing counselling services
  4. Initiating community based projects
  5. Visiting the sick/bereaved
  6. Educating the community
  7. Visiting the prisons
  8. Interfaith programs
  9. Going beyond the call of duty

Most Punctual and Committed Muazzin

Judges will be looking for individuals who makes a difference in their communities. Besides giving the Azaan, the ideal candidate should be one that interacts with the Musallees, enjoys a cordial relationship with them and goes beyond the call of duty to make a difference.

Judges will be looking at the following qualities in a Muazzin:

  1. Punctual in giving Azaan
  2. Enjoys the confidence of the community
  3. Goes beyond the call of duty
  4. Interacts with the community
  5. Absence is almost always felt

The judges will be looking for a well-rounded individual rather than someone who simply speaks well or reads well.

Every weekday during the month of Ramadaan, one submission will be selected and read out on air. The winner will be announced at the Radio Islam Masjid Awards that will take place later year. For more info, click here. There will be separate winners for the Imaam category and for the Muazzin category. Cash prizes are up for grabs.


Email scripts to, fax to 011 854 7024 or drop it off at reception at our studios in Lenasia. For more information or other related queries, use the email address above.