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The Muslim Youth Council takes great pleasure in presenting the very first Islamic Book Quiz 2019.

Book QuizBook Quiz

This pioneer project aims to instil the love and enjoyment of reading Islamic literature among the youth and familiarise young people with interesting, relevant and reliable sources of Islamic literature. The first round of eliminations will commence in September In-shaa Allah . Elimination rounds will take place in Lenasia and the finals will be aired on Radio Islam International.  The categories and prescribed literature are as follows: 





5 - 6

When the moon split 
(pages 1 -105 [Taif]) 



When the moon split 
(pages 106 -257 {Fath Makkah])


8 - 9

Hayatus Sahabah – Volume 3
(pages 41 – 142 [From : The belief that the Sahabah RA had in the unseen – Till : The Masjid is extended during the period of Umar R.A and Uthmaan R.A.])


10 - 11

Hayatus Sahabah – Volume 3: Chapter 18
(pages 484 – 584 [From : Various lectures that Ali RA delivered – Till : Sahabah RA hear the voices of inanimate objects.])

*Additional information regarding the acquisition of literature at a discounted price will be provided at a later stage.

Learners should enter via their respective schools.

Schools should confirm their participation and provide the details of participating learners (4 learners per category) by completing and submitting the “Participation Form” (downloadable here) by no later than the 19 July 2019. 

(The Participation Form should be completed and emailed to

All participants will be presented with certificates and prizes will be awarded to the top three learners from each category.

We hope for a favourable and encouraging response.

For more info contact: 
083 630-0605
078 509 0851