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Avoid sticky rice

Wash the rice a few times until the water runs clear. Remove all the water until no water remains. Let it sit for 20 minutes. This will remove all the starch and help the rice to remain separate.

Also adding a few drops of lemon juice to the rice while cooking, you will find that the grains of rice will tend to remain separate.

For crispier puris

Add a teaspoon of semolina / (suji) and 1 teaspoon of rice flour to the wheat flour while kneading.

Quick tomato paste cubes

Spoon tomato paste into ice cube trays. Freeze overnight. Transfer into plastic bags and freeze. Frozen cubes can be dropped right into curries.

Eggplants/brinjals retaining colour

when cooking eggplant add a spoon of milk to a bowl of water and add the cut up pieces to that water. The eggplant will retain their color without becoming black.

Remedy for salty curry

Wash a potato. Cut into two. Place the two halves of the raw potato in the curry and it will absorb the extra salt.
Ready to use masalas

Sometimes cooking requires a lot of pre-preparation. Make masalas ahead of the time. Stock the masala in the freezer till not required for cooking. This method will save a lot of time.

How to cut an onion without crying?

One can adopt any of these methods to cut onion without crying - peel and cut onions under running water. Chop onions near a gas flame. Or refrigerating onions before chopping.
Using kitchen scissors most

One must use kitchen scissors to chop coriander leaves, mint leaves and chillies to avoid any kind of a mess. One can stock this for the purpose of garnishing.

Buying lemons and lime

Buy large lemons and limes; they tend to be much sweeter. Make sure that the skin is thin, those are much juicer. To obtain more of the juice from lemons, limes or oranges, microwave on high for 30 seconds and then let stand for a couple of minutes before cutting and squeezing. Rolling them between your hand and the counter will also help release more juice.

Skinning a chicken with ease

Always peel off a little part of the Chicken skin to start with and hold it tightly with a paper towel. The skin latches on to the paper towel.

Overripe tomatoes

Dip them in cold water, add some salt and leave overnight. They will be fresh and firm to touch the next day.
Reheating left-over rice

Refrigerate leftover cooked rice in a well-sealed container. Reheat cold rice with a sprinkling of water in a microwave oven or in a covered pot over low heat.

Peeling whole garlic

To peel garlic, place your knife flat on the garlic clove and whack with your other hand. The covering will burst open and the clove can be easily removed.

Peeling or scraping ginger

Peeling or scraping ginger with the back of spoon is an easy way to peel ginger. Scrape the ginger with the inside of a spoon, getting the edge of the spoon into the crevices of the ginger. The skin will come off with a gentle scrape.

Dicing onions

the best way to avoid crying when dicing an onion is to use a very sharp knife and to move as quickly as safety permits.

  1. Cut off the end of the onion end with the small roots sticking out.
  2. Cut it into half lengthwise, so that the end that is still together is cut into half.
  3. Now remove the skin and may be one of the layers to clean the onion.
  4. Holding your knife parallel to the cutting surface slice the onion parallel to the cutting surface so that you are making slices that are 1/4 inch from each other. Remember to never make a cut that would break through the end of the onion. The onion will come apart if you slice through the bottom end. Remember to never make a cut that would break through the end of the onion. The onion will come apart if you slice through the bottom end.
  5. Turn the onion. Make lengthwise slices remembering not to cut all the way to the end. The onion will still be in one piece and look like half an onion.
  6. Turn the onion and chop the onion all the way to the back of the part that is still together.
  7. You will have perfect small dices of onion.
  8. Now chop the other part of the onion the same way.

Avoiding over-spilling milk when boiling

Before pouring milk into a pot for boiling rub butter along the top edge and inside lip of the pot. When the milk foams up, it will stop over spilling when it hits the butter.

Removing the garlic skins

Wash the garlic buds before peeling the skin. The skin of the garlic will come off easily and quickly.