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Yes, I did! Many years ago, before the invention of electric baby bottle sterilizers, soy milk for babies and medications for colic, we had to sterilize baby bottles, nipples and the screw on rings in large pots of water on the stove. I had a newborn that had severe colic and cried, I swear, it seemed like 20 hours a day and I was horribly sleep deprived.

I put all the bottles, rings and nipples I had ( except one) on to boil and started to "walk the floors", holding my son with his face facing my chest. I was exhausted and sat down on the end of my bed and eventually just laid back with my legs hanging off the bed. And, wouldn't you just know it....we both went to sleep.

I awoke a couple of hours later to find small black flakes floating in the air everywhere and an empty but blackened inside pot still on the still burning eye. Money was scarce and I was so annoyed at having to buy new bottles that it didn't occur to me just how lucky I was that our whole apartment hadn't gone literally up in smoke.