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Mohamed Ameen Dabhelia - 2018/09/13

The Manenberg Safety Forum has told Radio Islam that residents of the Cape Flats find themselves subjected to violent crimes.

Chairperson Roegshanda Pascoe says people are resistant and living with continued fear.

“We can smell when there is trouble coming in the air that is how your body adapt to the living conditions you are living under, what I realised is that it’s not only in Manenberg, it’s all over the Cape.”

Pascoe says that the situation angers her as an activist.

“What I have realised is that we have all become so normal to it, that we have this resistance of self-protection within all of us, and not rely on any outside help to assist us.”

Pascoe adds that the personnel deployed by the South African Police Service (SAPS) to the affected areas are not equipped to handle the situation on the ground.

Several communities on the Cape Flats are gearing up for a mass shutdown on the 3rd of October‚ calling for an end to crime and gang violence.

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