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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 14-09-2018


Political analyst and Asri Programmes Director Ebrahim Fakir has told Radio Islam, that while the Sunday Times may have got some facts of the Zuma plot story correct, there was an overreach by the paper which doesn’t lead to the conclusion of what was being discussed in the meeting.

The Sunday Times reported that a group in African National Congress (ANC) led by former President Jacob Zuma is plotting to unseat Cyril Ramaphosa by challenging the Nasrec conference on the basis of mass irregularities at branch meetings.

The paper also released a photo showing Zuma, secretary general Ace Magashule, Women’s League Secretary Meogoma Thuba and former North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo at a meeting allegedly called by Zuma at a Durban hotel last week.

Fakir says there are two significant problems with the Sunday Times report, including deliberate political misreading’s and the overreach of specific conclusions by the Sunday Times.

“They got some facts right. Those facts are that there was this meeting. They got right the facts of who the participants were, so they got that portion right. How’d they know what was being spoken about, that part seems to me a bit of a stretch.”

Fakir has questioned why the parties would select a publicly visible venue if they were conspiring to get rid of Ramaphosa including how the journalist in question became aware of the clandestine meeting.

“Someone must have been tipped off. Someone either knew, I suspect with this tipping off, with this knowing, so to speak in inverted commas, perhaps they knew what they were speaking about, because either there is someone in that circle who is a leak or it means they’ve been followed around.”

Fakir says while there is outcry over the meeting that the ANC is being undermined, Zuma actually has a right as a member of the organisation to question its proceedings.


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