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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 11-02-2019

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 One of the rooms at the new birthing unit. Pic: Stellar-Med One of the rooms at the new birthing unit. Pic: Stellar-Med

Stellar-Med has showcased its new fully equipped birthing unit that allows women to have a home birth experience.

Situated in Ormonde south of Johannesburg, the new birth-house caters only for natural births by experienced midwives for women with uncomplicated pregnancies.

The facility says it accepts women from midway through their pregnancy and tries to fill the gap for patients who may not be on a medical aid or don't want to go to a hospital in the government sector.

Stellar Med’s Elizabeth Sriedman says the birth-house has a very holistic approach to providing birth services to pregnant women by midwives Marilyn Sher and Veronica Park who are in private practice.

“We want women to trust their bodies and do what works for them and Marilyn and Veronica are very calm experienced individuals who want to give women a good birth experience so that they walk away feeling empowered and that they’ve done what’s right for them.”

The birth-centre had an open day on Saturday to show case services offered by the facility.