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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 05-04-2019

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A political analyst has told Radio Islam both the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) have to take responsibility for the protest action in Alexandra.

The township came to a complete standstill on Wednesday with no taxis, schools or businesses operating.

Organisers of the protest say that they can no longer continue to live in the area which is characterised by ailing infrastructure, a serious lack of development and crime.

While the organisers decided to call off the protests because of security concerns, some residents refused to give up the fight.
While the DA and the ANC are embroiled in tit-for-tat exchanges on who should be blamed for the protests political analyst Nteboheleng Tsehla says both should take responsibility.

“The ANC has been in power for such a long time in the city of Johannesburg, 25 years. However they could have done much better. However the DA when they campaigned for the city of Johannesburg two years ago, they said that people must vote for change and that they are handling all promises and ensuring that service delivery will be up to scratch that would pave everything the ANC had promised by failed to do. So both party’s need to be blamed in this situation.”

Tsehla says the protests would continue across South African becoming more intense with residents knowing that they can clamp down on political parties and hold politicians or ward councilors to account.