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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 05-04-2019

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 West Street Masjid in Durban Pic: Culture TripWest Street Masjid in Durban Pic: Culture Trip

In light of the New Zealand Masjid massacre, there have been suggestions that South Africa should have a National Mosque open day following a similar initiative in the UK.

Over 250 masaajid from Inverness to Cornwall, and from Belfast to Ipswich in the UK took part in a day that that saw neighbours and visitors welcomed with food, stalls, calligraphy, henna art and tour guides.

The national mosque day in South Africa could showcase the beauty of Islam to non-Muslims and cement the fact that Muslims in the country and across the world are a peace loving people.

So what do South Africans think about a National Mosque day? Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat asked the listeners of Radio Islam for their thoughts. 

“Haroon Bacchus says ‘yes, for some reason South Africans are conservative when it comes to showcasing our masaasjid.’ Fiona says ‘we need to show we are not alienated and we are very much part of the community’. Rafique says ‘I agree fully. It is time that we educate non-Muslims about our deen’. Nazreen says ‘most definitely, what better way to welcome people to Islam by welcoming them to the house of Allah.’”

The National Mosque Day if initiated would be structured in a manner commensurate within the laws and teachings of the shariah.