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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 10-04-2019

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 Pic: SABC Pic: SABC

The Lydenberg Islamic Centre management has condemned the conduct of a principal and a teacher who were arrested for incidents of corporal punishment at the institution.

The 25-year-old principal and teacher were handcuffed last week after a 10-year-old learner was allegedly beaten with a hosepipe.

The pupil suffered severe injuries and had to undergo a series of operations.

In a statement the Lydenberg Islamic Centre management says the actions of the principal and the teacher is a violation of Islamic ethics and morality which prescribes kindness and mercy as well as being incongruent with the constitution.

“Both the accused have been immediately suspended without any form of compensation or remuneration and we at the Lydenberg Islamic Centre will honour and accept the verdicts given by the court in relation of the accused.”

The Lydenberg Islamic Centre also says at no stage was management aware of the existence of such severe punishment meted out to the children by the two employees and it is clear that such abuse occurred behind closed doors when other adults including management was not present.

“We will ensure that no stone will be left unturned by us in getting to the bottom of this tragic incident and ensure that it never occurs again.”

The Lydenberg Islamic Centre has urged the public to refrain from circulating and associating memes and videos around incidents of abuse with the organization.