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Radio Islam International - 2019/04/11

At Radio Islam International's National Election debate in Durban on Monday, the Democratic Alliance’s Spokesperson on Health in the Kwazulu Natal province, Dr Imraan Keeka was asked whether Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was welcome in South Africa, Dr Keeka responded that everyone should be allowed in to the country as long as they enter legally.

This was in response to a question posed by Ml Sulaimaan Ravat on the opposition party’s policy on border protection and the documentation of foreign nationals.

"When Mufti asked you about the borders, you said that you'll welcome anyone - will you welcome Netanyahu?"

Keeka answered that "anyone is welcome, when you come in to our country legally".

Back in 2013, Netanyahu made a last minute decision not to participate in the memorial service of late South African President Nelson Mandela, despite having notified the South African government that he would attend the event.

Netanyahu reportedly cancelled the trip because travel costs were too high.

What do you think of Dr Keeka’s response on Netanyahu being allowed in South Africa?

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