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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 12-04-2019

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 Lenasia Eidgah Lenasia Eidgah

The lawyer representing a masjid in Ficksburg in the Free State which is being investigated by police for suspicious activity says there seems to be an alleged concerted campaign by crime intelligence against Muslims in South Africa.

Police obtained a warrant to search the masjid on Tuesday after receiving information from the community about alleged weapons and explosives at the masjid, but police would not confirm this.

Police also did not disclose if anything was found at the masjid.

Attorney Yousha Tayob says it seems Muslims have become an alleged target in South Africa.

“There does appear to be some sort of concerted campaign by crime intelligence that the Muslims have become a target of their intimidation tactics because I have a number of charities that are being subjected to scrutiny by crime intelligence to what I really believe to scare them off. This might be a scare tactic.”

Tayob says he will submit an application for the review of the warrant including obtaining affidavits from witnesses during the search and institute action against the Minister of police to answer for reasons for the search at the masjid.


Listen to the interview with Bilal Noormohamed from Ficksburg and Attorney Yousha Tayob