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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 12-04-2019

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The Editor of Veterans Today has told Radio Islam, Israel has a broad plan to destabilize nations in Latin America.

Gordon Duff was speaking to Radio Islam from Michigan in the US about the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Assange was dragged out by British police from of Ecuador’s embassy yesterday after his seven-year asylum was revoked, paving the way for his extradition to the United States for one of the biggest ever leaks of classified information.

Duff says Ecuador’s government has found that the destabilization and breach of the security of the country were originating from Assange who was releasing “unpleasant data” against the government.

He says the reason may be Israel’s plan to destabilize nations in Latin America.

“Among the first nations and the most important nations that Israel essentially took over was Brazil. But the current government in Israel as with the government frankly in India as well is largely under control of Israel.”

Duff says he believes that Assange is an Israeli asset.

“It’s always been our belief since 2009.”

Duff says while WikiLeaks release of data always attacked enemies of Israel, the information never implicates Israel in any wrongdoing.


Listen to the interview with Gordon Duff