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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 15-04-2019

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 Ml Ebrahim BhamMl Ebrahim Bham

Renowned Islamic scholar Ml Ebrahim Bham says Muslims are indebted to Muhaddaith Imam Muhammad bin Ismail Bukhari.

Ml Bham is currently on tour of Uzbekistan which has a rich Islamic history and where some Sahaba (RA) are also buried.

Ml Bham says Imam Bukhari’s life is one of sacrifice.

“His life was one of great effort and pursuit of knowledge and dedication towards preserving the saying of our beloved Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW).”

Imam Bukhari, who was one of the greatest compilers of ahadith, became blind at a young age. He had recourse to many famous and skilled doctors of his time but their treatments made no difference.

His mother was a pious worshipper and a righteous woman who cried out for help in the court of Allah the Almighty, for her child and begged for the restoration of his eyesight.

At last, "the river of mercy flowed over her," and Almighty Allah accepted her invocation. One night, she visited Ibrahim (AS) in a dream and was told, "Allah has restored the sight of your son because of your intense and beautiful invocations."

In the morning, as Imam Bukhari got up from his bed, glimmers of light reached out into his eyes. That is, his eyesight was fully restored.


Listen to Ml Ebrahim Bham speak about Imam Bukhari.