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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 17-06-2019

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 Radio Islam Durban StudiosRadio Islam Durban Studios

Esteemed Islamic scholar and programmes manager of Radio Islam Ml Sulaimaan Ravat says Hajjee Suleman Mahomedy will be remembered as a person with a heart of gold and a human being with remarkable qualities. 

Mahomedy fondly known as Uncle Solly who hailed from Verulum in KwaZulu-Natal, sadly passed away on Sunday. 

Uncle Solly who was about 75-years-old is well known for his role in the South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA) and his unwavering support for Radio Islam International. 

Ml Ravat says Uncle Solly was remarkable in his support for Radio Islam, especially when South Africa's largest and multi-award winning Islamic radio station decided to open a studio in Durban. 

“The project went up to a particular point and then there was a kind of thinking that may be we should shelve it and he together with Ml Shabier Kazie, these were two individuals who really stood strong and I can remember conversations where they said ‘this is a good project, this is something Radio Islam needs to do. We will support you and we will back you.’” 

Ml Ravat says Uncle Solly had a phenomenal effect on all those who came into contact with him. 

“We make dua that Allah grants him Jannatul Firdous, makes it easy for his family and may we be inspired by such a legacy, a man who was so committed, not only in terms of work but in terms of general service to people and to humanity.” 

Ml Ravat says Uncle Solly was a committed community person who enjoyed respect locally and internationally. 


Listen to Ml Sulaimaan Ravat elaborate on Marhoom Uncle Solly's immense contribution to Muslims and the community.