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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 10-07-2019

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The Gordhan’s Bay Islamic Society says there are no excuses for the building of a masjid in Gordons Bay and that malice is behind one of the appeals against the rezoning of land for the place of worship.

The proposed masjid, a first for Gordhan’s Bay, has been mired in controversy since the society purchased the property in 2014.

In May, the Gordhan’s Bay Islamic Society received clearance for rezoning after more than 100 objections were raised by community members.

Objections included the athan and traffic congestions amongst others.

Speaking to Radio Islam, The Gordhan’s Bay Islamic Society’s Cassim Peer says they managed to convince the Municipal Planning Tribunal in Gordhans Bay that there was a need for a masjid in the town and that they would abide by all regulations.

“The panel were four independent white town planners and it was chaired by the town planning official by the city of Cape Town.

They found that the objections raised by the members of the public had no merit and they all recommended that the rezoning be approved to permit us to proceed with the construction.”

Peer says the Gordhan’s Bay Islamic Society plans to host an open day on completion of the masjid to introduce themselves to the community.


Listen to the interview with Cassim Peer