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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 07-08-2019

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 Abbas Habib Mohammd Abbas Habib Mohammd

A Malawian national has told Radio Islam he’s looking forward to performing hajj and seeing the Ka’ba for the first time. 

Abbas Habib Mohammed is among twenty-seven Malawian nationals who are currently in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. 

Representing various tribes in their home country, the Malawian hujjaj have been sponsored by a humble philanthropist who prefers to remain anonymous saying he is doing it for the pleasure of Allah and doesn’t want any recognition. 

The man who is leading the group and is also from Malawi did not give any indication of how much he spent to sponsor the Malawian hujjaj. 

Mohammad says the feeling of going for hajj is indescribable.  

“When we learnt that we were leaving for Makkah and Medina, it’s a great feeling and for the first time to be in these cities, I tell you my brother it’s a great feeling. Today we are going to be involved in the ibadah. I don’t know how to express it.” 

It’s believed the average cost for a person in Malawi to embark on the journey of Hajj is about 3.4 million Kwacha.