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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 04-09-2019

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The Imam of the Katlehong Masjid says a group of Christians helped to protect the masjid after protestors tried to destroy the prayer facility. 

Sheikh Ishaq says while there is minor damages to the masjid, there are concerns that looters are not even respecting religious institutions. 

He says a group of protestors from Thokoza who were marching down the road forced the gate of the masjid open on Wednesday before burning a car, parts of the masjid including breaking the windows. 

Sheikh Ishaq says the community came to the assistance of the masjid. 

“Our Christian brothers saw what was happening and they ran to where we were. They came to help us to chase these people and they ran away.” 

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa’s Ml Ebrahim Bham says people should not panic about what is currently happening in South Africa. 

“Let us not become despondent. Every country has its challenges and South Africa is at the moment is going through this challenges and it is important for us to remain steadfast and turn to Allah.”

Meanwhile the Jamiat SA’s Ml Asad Pandor says they will assist in repairing the masjid after the cost of the damages is ascertained. 


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