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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 08-10-2019

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While Former DA leader and Western Cape Premier Helen Zille believes she has the skills set to be the next federal executive chairperson of the party, her rival for the post Athol Trollip says her era is over and done.

Zille surprised many when she announced that she is putting her name in the hat for the position.

Zille left her position at the Institute for Race Relations to contest the Federal Executive Chairperson race, which will see the exit of James Selfe, who held the position for two decades.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Zille says she has never stood for the chair of federal council.

“I have never been the chair of federal council, it demands a whole different set of skills which I believe I have. So I would not certainly step into the same river of leadership of the party twice and Athol Trollip and I have been came at the same time and perhaps we will go at the same time.”

While many of the candidates applying for the federal executive chairperson job are white, Zille insists there is diversity in the party.

“Well we need diversity and I’ve never denied that and I think it’s a very important thing, no question.”

Zille says she has the experience and tenacity to unite the party and take it forward.


Listen to the interview with Helen Zille