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Husain Mohamed - Radio Islam News - 04.02.2020


Police in Lesotho have confirmed that first lady Maesaiah Thabane is finally in their custody. This comes after she went missing for while after being asked to hand herself in for questioning regarding an investigation in the murder of Lipolelo Thabane, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s other wife.

Attackers shot the Prime Minister’s wife, Lipolelo, on the outskirts of Lesotho’s capital Maseru in June 2017. The incident took place two days before the Prime Minister’s Inauguration. The pair had been embroiled in bitter divorce proceedings at the time.

The police’s Mpiti Mopeli says he cannot confirm when Maesaiah Thabane will appear in court. She is currently being questioned by the police for her possible involvement in the killing of the former first lady.

She was apparently arrested near the South African border following discussions between the police and her lawyer. The Prime Minister, Thomas Thabane, has also been questioned by police and is under pressure from his party to resign.