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Husain Mohamed - Radio Islam News - 05.02.2020


A presidential meeting with interfaith leaders was hosted at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Wednesday afternoon.

The engagement between the President and religious leaders from a broad range of denominations and African traditional religion is aimed at enabling leaders of different faith groups to take leadership in renewing South African society and to develop positive values that advance our country to the South Africa we want.

This initiative focuses on addressing disturbing social phenomena such as unemployment, inequality, gender-based violence, crime and lawlessness among other issues South Africans face on a daily basis. Another major issue brought up this time around was that of The Department of Basic Educations Comprehensive Sexuality Education and the effects it will have on the youth.

The initiative motivates South Africans to unite around the values of tolerance and Ubuntu, which are shared across the entire spectrum of South Africa’s diverse society.

Ml Obeidullah Bhoja and other Ulama from the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa attended the meeting representing Muslims around the country.

Ml Bhoja spoke to Radio Islam. He gave an update on what transpired at the meeting and how things have unfolded. Moulana described the purpose of this gathering as an initiative by the President to address a mix of what is factually happening and a hope that some good can come from it.

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