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Faizel Patel - 06/02/2020

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City Power says electricity in Lenasia South will only be restored early Friday evening as its carries out emergency repairs.

The power utility is currently implementing power cuts in Lenasia South due to theft and vandalism that occurred at one of the major substations supplying the same area.

It says a cable supplying an auxiliary equipment has been stolen leaving the electrical apparatus in the substation without protection.

“The substation has become vulnerable to a major damage should there be a further fault on the network feeding from the same substation. City Power technicians are on site attending to the problem.”

At the same time, Eskom says it will continues to experience shortage of capacity and will carry on implementing Stage 2 load shedding on Friday with a high possibility of power cuts over the weekend.

Eskom says critical maintenance is being conducted on units that are currently on planned outages.

“We are also managing the emergency reserves (water and diesel) at our open cycle gas turbines (OCGTs) and pumped storage schemes.”

Eskom says it will consider the exploration of the pilot programme of halting load shedding between 4 and 6pm to ease traffic congestion, however this has not been available due to generating capacity and the need to replenish emergency reserves.