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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 10-02-2020

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Advocacy group Cage Africa says the UK government wants to use Shamima Begum, a teenager who ran away to join ISIS as an example for others who also want to be part of the terror group.

Begum who fled from her East London home in 2015 with two female friends to join ISIS has lost a legal challenge aimed at restoring her UK citizenship.

She resurfaced at a refugee camp in Syria last year and told reporters she wanted to return home.

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission in London ruled on Friday that Begum was not improperly deprived of her nationality, meaning she cannot return to London.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Cage Africa’s Tahira Jayes says there has been quite a lot of sympathy for Begum and outage for the UK government for revoking her citizenship.

“A lot of people, by understanding, having her in a court process, would bring more understanding to how she actually go there, what her ideas were and how one can get to the root cause of this issue much better. That’s been the overwhelming sentiment in the media.”

Jayes says Begum’s lawyers are expected to challenge the decision to revoke her citizenship.

“In the meanwhile the case is now going to move on to consider whether the government actually legitimate national security grounds to prevent her from returning, which is a slightly spate issue.”

Jayes says that while Begum has been refused entry into Bangladesh, she would have been in a very dangerous position if she were allowed to enter, because the country has a very weak civil society infrastructure that cannot support the former ISIS recruit.


Listen to the interview with Tahira Jayes