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Husain Mohamed - Radio Islam News - 11.02.2020  


On Monday, China reported 108 new coronavirus deaths, making it the highest daily toll since the outbreak began late last year, in the City of Wuhan.

The total number of fatalities in mainland China now stands at 1 016, while total number of confirmed infections amounts to 42 638.

Of the most recent deaths, 103 were in the province of Hubei, including 67 in the provincial capital of Wuhan. The virus is believed to have originated there in a seafood market that sold wild animals as well.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited health facilities in Beijing and has since removed 2 senior health officials from their positions namely; Zhang Jin who was party secretary of the health commission for Hubei and Ling Yingzi who was director of the Hubei Provincial Health Commission.

Two deaths have been recorded outside of mainland China, one in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines. A minimum of 25 countries have reported cases and many others have begun plans to evacuate their citizens from Hubei and other parts of China.