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We’ve been so overwhelmed with News coverage on Gaza - death, destruction, and horror that sometimes we just shut off from the statistics. As part Radio Islam’s focus this week – the #KnowYourPalestine campaign, Ebrahim Moosa was inspired to recount Israel’s brutality to us in a way that forces us to sit up and take note.


With such massive casualties and utter devastation all on the one side, just exactly who is the victim, and who is the aggressor ?


On the Palestinian side, nothing and nobody was spared. In the safety of your home, you were bombed (117,240 homes bombed). If you fled to the mosque believing that a place of worship was inviolable and you would be safe there, you would still be bombed (151 Mosques bombed). If you thought that you could escape the danger believing maybe it was due to Islamophobia, and instead took refuge in a Church, it made no difference, you would still be bombed (1 Church bombed).


If you fled to a U.N. Refugee Centre believing that you would be protected from all harm by International Law, still you would be bombed (90 UNRWA schools were bombed in spite of the Israeli military receiving warnings of their co-ordinates over and over again - 12 times in the case of the Beit Hanoun School including four hours before it was bombed, 17 times in the case of the Jabaliya School, and 33 times the co-ordinates for the Rafah School were passed on by the UN to the Israeli military but still it was struck by Israeli fire resulting in a massacre of civilians there).


If you were lucky enough to survive the bombing, and were only maimed and disabled and ended up in a Facility for the Disabled, they would still bomb you there (12 Disabled patients killed on 12 July 2014).


If the ambulance arrived to take you to Hospital, they would bomb the Ambulance as well as the Para-medics (14 Ambulances destroyed, 3 Para-medics killed in one air-strike, 2 Aug 2014).


If you made it alive to the Hospital, your Doctor could be killed (16 Medics were killed by Israeli fire).


If you made it into the ICU, you could still die in there from Israeli shrapnel fired in your direction (2½ year-old baby Ibrahim Sheikh Omar killed by Israeli shrapnel in the ICU of Mohamed al-Durra Hospital, 24 July 2014).


If you survived the ICU and were recovering in the Hospital, you could still be killed (29 Hospitals and Clinics bombed even though the Israeli Military have the exact co-ordinates of every single Hospital and Clinic in Gaza).


And finally, when you were dead and thought you could Rest In Peace, the Israeli Military would follow you to your grave and bomb you there too (11 Cemetries bombed). And it made no difference if you were Christian (1 Christian cemetery bombed).


[Statistics courtesy of Geneva-based Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights, Switzerland ].


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