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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 24-06-2019

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Esteemed Islamic scholar Ml Sulaiman Moola says withdrawing from committing sins is an act of worship.

Ml Moola was rendering a lecture about how the younger and even some older generation of people indulge in acts that have the potential to destroy faith.

Ml Moola, using the example of the story of the seven sleepers in Surah Kahf, says there is much virtue in abstaining from sin.

“If you just withdraw from sin, you just move away from wrong and you come home and sleep, your withdrawal and moving away from bad company itself is ibadat.”

Ml Moola says Allah loved the seven sleepers moving away from wrong and from sin and going into the cave and taking amnesty, that He mentioned them in a chapter of the holy Qur’an.