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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam - 01-08-2019

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A corporate cultural expert says change in any form has a destructive streak and within organisations, change can often weaken work commitment.

Helene Vermaak from The Human Edge says the key to avoiding the destructive streak that change can leave on an organisation is for the leadership team to build a burning level of job commitment, as soon as possible.

Vermaak says change can be used to charge up the organisation because it opens doors to employees’ hearts and minds, that may have stayed locked otherwise.

“The secret is to meet people at their point of need. In order to do this, leaders need to manage the moment, bring what is missing and repair what the change has damaged or destroyed. Leaders need to move quickly, because high velocity change places heavy demands on organisations and as such they need employees that invest themselves fully in their work and deliver powerful results.”

As Price Pritchett, one of the foremost experts on fast-growth strategies and breakthrough performance and a world-renowned author, warns, “You lose the right to hold people accountable for their performance if you fail to create a flame-worthy environment.”

So, how do leaders counter the chilling effects of change and fire up commitment? Vermaak provides the below five key guidelines:

Vermaak says performance pays the bills, not loyalty and not morale.

"Commitment works a lot harder than loyalty and gets more done than morale. Commitment energises, empowers, inspires creativity and sees true potential fulfilled."

Vermaak says that commitment is self-nourishing and gives meaning to work, while deepening a person’s self-worth. “Commitment is simply a no-lose proposition. Everybody benefits…but the employee enjoys the richest rewards of all.”