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By Mumtaz Moosa Saley


On behalf of the Rohingya Muslims, Gambia has filed an international dispute with Myanmar in efforts to have the countries leadership tried for genocide.

On Monday, Gambia filed a lawsuit accusing the Myanmar government of genocide, summoning the case before the United Nation’s highest court in the hope of opening a legal path and bringing justice for the millions of Rohingya that have had to flee the country due to ethnic cleansing.

The suit, filed at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Gambia requested that the court condemn Myanmar for violating the Genocide Convention with its campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Gambia a small African country has filed the lawsuit on behalf of the 57-nation organisation of Islamic Co-operation, which is also paying for the team of top international law experts handling the case. The filing is in the hope to impose an international ruling on Myanmar. Despite the outcry over cruelty to the Rohingya, no other court has jurisdiction to pursue a genocide case against the country.