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By Mumtaz Moosa Saley



By law, all employees who work for 24 hours or more a month need to be registered for Unemployment insurance. However, since the bill was passed nearly one-third of domestic workers including full-time gardeners and drivers have still not been registered.

For those who may become unemployed, they will not receive any unemployment benefits.

Employers are required to pay 1% of the salary and the employee is required to pay an equal amount of his or her monthly wage toward the UIF benefit. By law employers who fail to register employees can face a hefty fine or jail time.

What happens if your domestic is a foreign national?

Firstly, your employee has to be registered no matter which country they may come from, however, it is illegal to
hire someone without the proper permits and a valid passport.

If you have a foreign national working for you, you will have to register them for UIF and the contribution mentioned above will still apply. A foreign national can claim UIF if he or she loses her job and if not registered, you will be fined and will have to pay the full salary or wage due.

How does my foreign national employee obtain a work permit?

The process is not as complicated as one thinks, on the contrary, it is simple and effortless and can be done online. You will have to submit a letter of employment.

To apply for renewals click here 

How to register for UIF?

Access the site by clicking here

The process may take some time if you get an error screen keep trying or call in.


UIF is important as we all would like to have some sort of safety net especially during these tough economic conditions, so let’s be the change in society.