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By Mumtaz Moosa Saley


The once busy China Mall in Johannesburg now resembles a ghost town, with only a handful of shoppers, some individuals wearing face masks but it was business as usual.  Media reporters have also visited nearby areas where many Chinese nationals own shops and they all report the same bleak picture. The coronavirus outbreak and the fake news posts on social media have impacted businesses in the area.  

While the world watches as a pandemic is unfolding in China presently the South African government, as well as the Chinese government, has reassured South African citizens that the countries are doing all they can to ensure protection for all and prevention of an outbreak on home soil. 

Many automotive companies and other industries with manufacturing plants or those that rely on exports from China have informed the respective industries of the need to place a hold on Chinese exports until further notice.    

The death toll in China has surpassed the 500 mark with little sign of slowing down or a cure. Experts warn that they lack full data to say how lethal the virus is.