Parent Category: Ml Sulaimaan Ravat
Category: Poetry from a Listener Unknown


We live in a world, my friend, that has genuinely become for us, an immoral maze,
That it becomes difficult to be anywhere without something enticing your longing gaze!

Even in the comforts of your home, surrounded by everything that is Halaal,
You have that Shaitaan's box that fools you into believing your biryani to be Dhaal!

When you try to access your news, check the weather or even look up on some Deeni work,
You cannot do so easily, without being assaulted by the evil, that in the cyberworld, that does lurk!

Your drive to work or a leisurely stroll with your family, down the scenic path,
Even a simple book or magazine browsing, requires you to have a spiritual bath!

So, what is the solution to all of this, I hear you ask!
Well, that's easy! Its nothing new, but the same old task!

Your Rabb has ordered you to lower your eyes, and turn your gaze away,
And you know what to do with the Shayateen that are part of your day!

If sincerely, you wish to save yourself and those that are dear,
You will know what to do, so do it with courage, without fear!