Parent Category: Ml Sulaimaan Ravat
Category: Poetry from a Listener Unknown


Now that school is done and your offspring are jumping around, demanding of you,
You have an opportunity to appreciate the efforts of Sir, Madam, Aapa and Moulana too!

As you tear your hair out, shouting, running around and wondering how on earth did they do it,
Take a moment to make dua for those who had an entire year, trying to make your child sit!

And then, when you make a special trip to thank moulana and the rest of the team,
Sit down and listen to his advice on how to make occupying your children, a dream!

In what the ulama are saying, is protection and safety for you and your precious child,
In it, is a balance that fills his time with fun, and yet prevents him from becoming wild!

Remember! The holiday is a break from school and its year long pressure,
Not from Deen, for Deen is NOT only to be applied, at whim and leisure!

Finally, whatever you do, Be part of that plan and from this do not shirk,
As that is what they need more, YOU, the vital ingredient in making it work!