Parent Category: Ml Sulaimaan Ravat
Category: Poetry from a Listener Unknown


Dear Moulana, please excuse my son not being there,
The School kept him in because of his sporting flair!
On Monday the coach called him for soccer training,
And on Tuesday he was tired and his legs were paining!
On Wednesday, Cricket was what kept him away,
And he hurt his wrist so he couldn't come on Thursday.
On Friday, he tried very hard to be present in your class,
But, he was given a position in the team that he just couldn't pass!

Dear Parent, It is quite fine by me if, for your son, that is what you chose,
As long as you know that by planting a thorn, you do not expect a rose!
At your janazah, do not expect a son who will make dua for you and read Surah Yaseen,
But know, that around your grave, he will dribble and stutter, for, you made dribbling his deen!