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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 09-04-2019

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With just a few weeks left before the 8 May General Elections, the Institute of Race Relations has come up with a cheat sheet on voters’ attitudes towards the various issues that the election is fought on.

The IRR Voter Cheat Sheet" is a simple, three-page summary table that sets out every main voter position and characteristic from the IRR's February poll, ranked from 0%-100%.

The IRR says it will be releasing one final election poll a week before the election.

Speaking to Radio Islam, the IRR's Gareth van Onselen says they believe the information in the Cheat Sheet is the best, and easiest to understand, description of the voting population.

“There was a lot of information in our survey which covered a wide variety of issues and we thought it would be helpful. Some of it we’ve made public, some of it we haven’t. We thought it would just be helpful to make a summary list which is easy to read, easy to understand and access that covers all the issues.”

The cheat sheet contains over 100 statistics including key demographic data, such as breakdowns by age, race, location, income and education and preference for political parties and politicians amongst other.