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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 10-04-2019

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A North West political analyst has told Radio Islam the African National Congress (ANC) is a party struggling with itself ahead of the elections on the 8th of May.

As the country moves towards what is expected to be the most contested polls in recent years, questions have been raised about how close the outcome of the elections will be in three specific provinces, namely the North West, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. North West.

The provinces, which have been claimed by both the ANC and the EFF, is arguably one of the country’s most hotly contested provinces.

Professor Andre Duvenhage says the ANC is a struggling party in the North West with not a lot of momentum in its election campaign.

“At this point I would like to argue that the support base of the ANC will definitely drop as is the case nationally. But I believe it will probably be a bit more than the national average between 54% and 57%. I believe North West to go maybe lower than that.

Duvenhage says while the ANC has lost momentum, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has made strides in these specific provinces.

“They (EFF) have a very strong and well organised campaign and the opposite is true of the ANC. My understanding national is the ANC is experiencing financial difficulties and that Luthuli House is financially in trouble and they cannot get their election campaign off the ground.”

Duvenhage says the Democratic Alliance (DA) is also not performing well and their election campaign according to him is not on the same level as it was under former leaders Helen Zille and Tony Leon.


Listen to the interview with Professor Andre Duvenhage