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Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News - 12-04-2019

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A political analyst has told Radio Islam there is a big link with the current flare-up of protests and the upcoming elections. 

Protests began in Alexandra in Gauteng, with others now in the Western Cape and the Free State.

Resident are demanding better service delivery, housing, water and sanitation and a reduction in crime amongst other issues. 

Theo Venter says the protests which were volatile at times is a long time coming. 

“We expected these kind of things to happen because in a symbolic way I don’t think they eyes and the ears of the politicians are more open and more fixed on problems than typically before an election.” 

Venter says political parties are using the protest hit areas to take a swipe at other parties and make “political noise” 

“I am afraid that communities are being promised anything to just calm than down and get things going.”

Venter says while service delivery protest have caused a lot of damages to buildings, vehicles and other infrastructure, he expects protest actions to continue as the country heads closer to the elections.