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Chicken Kebaab Curry 

Half kg chicken mince
1onion grated (squeeze out access water)
3 slices bread crust removed, (soaked in water) (squeeze out access water)
Green chilies salt garlic 1 egg ground dhania greens ground jeeru
mix well together

for tomato chutney
boil 3 tomatoes liquidize put oil in a pot add mustard seeds green whole chilies add red chilies Arad salt bring to boil add half cup tomato sauce roll kebaabs n put into chutney do not stir shake pot do not let it get dry keep it saucy enjoy tried n tested...

Spaghetti and mince casserole

Boil spaghetti and set aside
Prepare 1/2 kg mince as per samoosa mince
Boil 2 eggs
Make a white sauce with 3 cups milk
Layer the spagetti at the bottom of a casserole dish but add a little tomato sauce or any chilli sauce on spaghetti
Then add mince on top of spaghetti, then slice egg and tom on top of mince Then make a nice white sauce and pour over mince. Lastly add a nice amount of cheese and bake till cheese melts. ENJOY


Mushroom and kiri cheese kebaabs

1kg chicken mince
1 big onion grated
4 to 5 potatoes boiled and mashed
Salt and pepper to taste
4-tab green masala
2 eggs
2tab dry Dhana
Fresh Dhana and parsley
500-gram kiri cheese
2 pun nets mushroom
Salt and pepper
Cook mushrooms with salt and pepper let it cool then mix kiri cheese and form into small balls and freeze

Mix ingredients for kebabs
Put cheese mixture in center and seal nicely
U can shape them long
Dip in eggs and breadcrumbs
Ready to freeze