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• Put little oil on an oven tray and bake patta slices until slightly crisp (turn halfway during baking and brush more oil if need be)
• Slice slightly thick potato rounds put little Arad and fry until soft but not crisp.
• Season with salt
• Slice slightly thick Brinjal rounds, put little Arad and fry until slightly crisp.
• Season with salt

Tomato chutney:
Braise/Make wagaar with some onion in oil & a generous amount of butter with whole jeero, very little mustard seeds and curry leaves. When onions are still pink and haven't yet browned, add garlic, green chilies and salt. Do not allow onions to brown. Add even amounts of liquidized tomatoes and tomato puree. Cook on medium low heat until tomatoes and spices have cooked through and oil comes up. Add some plain Yogurt and cook further till oil comes up.
Layer tomato chutney at the bottom of an oven tray, then place patta Brinjal and potatoes alternating the slices Garnish with some color peppers. Heat in oven. Garnish with Dhania before serving. Serve with Roti or puri for one roll of patta, its about 1 small onion, half tin tomato puree and half tin liquidized tomatoes