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Conifers are a large and diverse group of plants, mainly from the colder northern hemisphere. They are fully evergreen, frost hardy, drought tolerant and generally unfussy about soil, aspect and the amount of sunshine they receive. Add to this an enormous diversity in shape, height, colour and texture and it is clear that they are extremely valuable ornamental plants.

Most conifers change colour with the season, particularly in winter and the cold often brightens and intensifies colour and adds deep oranges to golden green and dark purple to silvery- grey foliage. The range of colours and shapes is used to best advantage in bold landscape designs, allowing plenty of space for light and air around each specimen and for the plants to develop to their mature forms.

Conifers also provide dependable form and colour in mixed shrubberies where they offset different foliage and flowers. Further uses for conifers are as topiary subjects and informal gardens where their fine foliage is ideal for shaping as quick growing screens and hedges, ground covers for banks, as container subjects and as bosai subjects.

Best position:

An open sunny position although grey varieties tolerate partial shade , Allow plenty of space for the plant to matyre, average, well-draining slightly acid soil


Any time of the year, dig holes +- 60 x 60 x 60cm, add plenty of compost & a small handful of bonemeal or superphosphate ensure soil level is the same as it was in the plant bag mulch with bag chips or commercial mulch create a basin around the hole to aid watering.

courtesy of lifestyle