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Aa'sim - Protecter
Aban – clear, evident, sahabi name
Abbas - Frowning, looking austere; also means lion, sahabi name
Abbud - devoted
Abbaar - Strong; Good Traveller
Aabid - worshipper
Aawf - lion/sahabi
Abdullah - servant of alllah, sahaba name
Abdul Aleem - Servant of the Omniscient
Abdul Ali - Servant of the Most High
Abdul Azeem - Servant of the Mighty
Abdul Azeez/Abdul Aziz - Servant of the Mighty/the Powerful
Abdul Bari - Servant of the Creator
Abdul Basit - Servant of the Extender/Creator
Abdul Fatah - Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)
Abdul Ghafar - Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul Ghafoor - Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul Hady - Servant of the Guide
Abdul Hafiz - Servant of the Protector
Abdul Hakam - Servant of the Arbitrator
Abdul Hakeem - Servant of the Wise
Abdul Haleem - Servant of the Mild/Patient
Abdul Hameed - Servant of the Praiseworthy/the Ever-Praised
Abdul Haq - Servant of the Truth
Abdul Haseeb - Servant of the Respected/Esteemed
Abdul Jabar - Servant of the Mighty
Abdul Jaleel - Servant of the Great/Revered
Abdul Kareem - Servant of the Noble/Generous
Abdul Khaliq - Servant of the Creator
Abdul Lateef - Servant of the Kind
Abdul Majeed - Servant of the Glorious
Abdul Mateen - Servant of the Firm/Strong
Abdul Muhaimin - Servant of the Supervising/the Guardian/the Protector
Abdul Muiz - Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul Mujeeb - Servant of the Responder
Abdul Mutal - Servant of the Most High
Abdul Nasser - Servant of the Helper/Granting Victory
Abdul Qadir - Servant of the Capable
Abdul Qahar - Servant of the Subduer/the Almighty
Abdul Qudoos - Servant of the Most Holy
Abdul Rafi' - Servant of the One Who Raises (intellect/esteem)/Elevates
Abdul Raheem - Servant of the Most Compassionate
Abdul Rahman - Servant of the Mercifully Gracious
Abdul Raouf - Servant of the Most Merciful
Abdul Rasheed - Servant of the Rightly Guided
Abdul Razaq - Servant of the Maintainer/the Provider
Abdul Saboor - Servant of the Patient
Abdul Salam - Servant of the Peace
Abdul Samad - Servant of the Eternal
Abdul Samee' - Servant of the All-Hearing
Abdul Shakoor - Servant of the Most Thankful
Abdul Tawab - Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul Wadood - Servant of the Loving
Abdul Wahhb - Servant of the Giver
Abdul Wahid - Servant of the One
Abu Bakr - owner of a hundred camels, The companion of Prophet Muhammad
Abyad - White/Fair complexion
Adam - wheat, coloured, black, earth, prophet
Aadel/Adil - just/sincere/righteous
Adnan - Proper name
Afeef - Chaste/Modest
Afdal – excellent, good, better
Ahmad - Most highly adored or most praised one worthy of praise/ one who praises Allah
Aiman - fearless/lucky/on the right
Akram - excellent/Most Generous
Aakif – devoted
Al Abbas - Description of a lion, sahabi name
Ala - Nobility/Excellence
Ali - High/protected by God/the greatest/excellent/noble, sahabi name
Amal - hope
Ameer/Amir - Ruler/Prince/Rich/Populous/Full/Prosperous
Amin/Ameen - divine grace/Faithful/trustworthy
Ammar - The builder/constructor/one who prays and fasts a great deal, prosperity.
Amr – prosperity, construction
Anas - A group of people (as opposed to other creatures)/Man/Friend/Intimate friend/Sahabi
Anees/Anis - Close friend/Supreme
Anif - Lofty/Noble/Sahabi
Anwar - most bright/ most brilliant/ most handsome
Aaqil - wise/sensible
Aarif - Wise/intelligent/Acquainted/Knowledgeable
Arib/Areeb - wise/ intelligent/ expert
Arif/Areef - knowledgeable
Arshad - most upright/ honest; well-guided person/ most obedient/pious
Asad - Lion
Asa'ad - happy, sahabi
Ashfaq - compassion/kindness
Ashraf - More Honorable/most noble/ distinguished/ eminent/ of noble birth/ a cultured person
Asif - Forgiveness
Aasim - Protector/limitless
Aslam - greeting, sahabi
Ata - Gift
Aatif - affection/sympathy
Awwad - Reward/Compensation
Awwab- sincere repentant
Aws - Name of a tree, sahabi
Ayyash -The one who enjoys a comfortable life
Ayman - fearless/lucky/on the right, sahabi
Ayoob/Ayyub/Ayyob - The one who return to Allah/Repent to ALLAH//A Prophet's name
Azhar - famous/The most shining/Luminous, sahabi
Azzam/A'zam - Determined/Resolved