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Monday 20130128 - Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Tom described his upbringing in a Catholic home.  He mentioned that whilst studying Christianity, he found many inconsistencies in the structure and content of the Bible as well as conflicting teachings of Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him).  Due to which, made it difficult for him to further this study.

The turning point in his life came when, in university, he befriended an Indian Muslim named Faizel.  He was intrigued by Faizel’s outlook and viewpoints on issues such as food, marriage, the role of a father and elders in the family, personal goals, fasting, etc.

Despite the success in his career, he nonetheless found something to be lacking in his life.  This impelled him to start praying for guidance.  He prayed too, out of gratitude for the favours of his Lord.
After returning from a visit to his friend Faizel in Bangalore, India, he was inclined to studying Islam.  He found the teachings of Islam appealing and sensible and subsequently he embraced the Truth, Islam.

His concluding remarks were that Salaah forms the basis of his day and it’s what he wakes in the morning for… 





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