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American Teacher Fired by Kuwait School for Supporting Israel

May 29, 2021

A private school in Kuwait had recently dismissed a female American teacher for displaying support for Israel in its war against Gaza. The teacher had tweeted in support of Israel’s attacks this month on Gaza which saw over 200 people killed including almost 70 children.

Gulf News reports that the unidentified teachers permit had been cancelled after she sympathised with Israel on her social media account. Gulf News reports that parents and authorities were furious following the teachers having posted pro-Israeli sentiment.

The Special Education Department has initiated investigation procedures. A letter was also sent to the school administration to investigate the teacher and to submit a report on the incident.

According to Gulf News, some regulations and decisions prevent educational institutions from getting involved in politics. Nevertheless, the private school in which the teacher worked chose to terminate the teacher’s services directly. The teacher was further placed on the Special Education Administration blacklist, which will prevent her from teaching in any school in Kuwait again.

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