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Equatorial Guinea : 31 Killed, Hundreds Injured in Military Base Explosions

Several explosions at a military base in Equatorial Guinea have resulted in at least 31 people dead and more than 400 injured. The explosions, which took place in the country’s main city of Bata, were caused by, according to the BBC, “stubble burning by farmers and...

[LISTEN] Expert: SA Could Already be in Third Surge of COVID-19

Faizel Patel – 08/03/2021 (Twitter: @FaizelPatel143) Professor Alex van den Heever at the Wits School of Governance says South Africa could already be experiencing the third wave of the Coronavirus. Friday exactly a year ago South Africa announced the first confirmed...

[LISTEN] All Muslims Must Take Responsibility for Al Aqsa as Campaign Coincides with Isra & Meraj

Faizel Patel – 08/03/2021 (Twitter: @FaizelPatel143) As the world gears up to acknowledge Al Aqsa Week, the Palestine Information Networks Hafez Ebrahim Moosa says the campaign was intentionally initiated to coincide with Isra and the journey of Meraj by Prophet...

[LISTEN] Check Point Report Reveals Criminals & Hackers Exploiting COVID-19 to Prey on Businesses & Health Sector

Faizel Patel – 08/03/2021 (Twitter: @FaizelPatel143) Check Point Software Technologies says that with many people working from home during COVID-19, the exposure environment for hackers has increased to beyond the corporate environment. This comes after a new report...
Somalia: Mogadishu Car Bomb Kills 20

Somalia: Mogadishu Car Bomb Kills 20

A suicide car bomb explosion in Somalia yesterday evening has seen more than 20 people killed, and 30 others injured. The blast took place at the Luul Yemeni restaurant in Mogadishu, which was reportedly full due to it having been dinner time. Africa News reports that...

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