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Executive Member of the TPLF Surrenders

One of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front’s nine executive committee members, Keria Ibrahim, has surrendered. The TPLF Top official had served as speaker of the House of Federation, Ethiopia's upper parliamentary chamber. The BBC reports that she resigned from her...

Was Life in Zimbabwe Better Under Mugabe?

By Naadiya Adams Public opinion largely says Zimbabweans are suffering more under President Emmerson Mnangagwa than they did under long-standing President Robert Mugabe, this according to African Research Journalist Tendai Mariwa. While speaking to Radio Islam, Mariwa...

French Bases in Mali come Under Attack

French army bases in northern Mali, were targeted by fire from rockets and shells on Monday. Africa News reports that Kidal, Gao, and Ménaka, had come under fire from so called ‘jihadists’. The attack, which was synchronized, was said to be an uncommon attack on...

10 Women Missing in Boko Haram Farm Attack

Ten women who had been at a rice plantation during an attack in northeastern Nigeria on Saturday, are still missing. The 10 missing women worked at the Kwashabe rice farm. Boko Haram is being blamed for the attack. Boko Haram has reportedly increasingly targeted...
Surrender Deadline Sets in for Tigray

Surrender Deadline Sets in for Tigray

The ultimatum set by the Ethiopian federal government for Tigray leaders to surrender was to expire at 16H30 GMT on Wednesday. Al Jazeera reports that Ethiopia’s military is threatening to bombard Tigray’s capital. The city has a population of half a million people....

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