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Police Investigating after Dead Body Found at Lenasia South Clinic

Faizel Patel – 07/03/2021 (Twitter: @FaizelPatel143) Police are investigating a case of carjacking and murder after receiving a complaint about a dead body at the Lenasia South Clinic. It is understood officers arrived at the health facility where a nurse led them to...

Lenasia Police Warns Residents Criminals Using Food Apps and Uber to Commit Crimes

Faizel Patel – 02/03/2021 (Twitter: @FaizelPatel143) Lenasia police say there has been a dramatic increase in crime including hijackings and robberies in the suburb with criminals now using food apps and Uber to commit crimes. The police have reiterated that there is...

Lenasia Residents Urged to Assist in Maintaining Graves at Avalon Cemetery Following Heavy Downpours

Faizel Patel – 28/02/2021 (Twitter: @FaizelPatel143 Following the heavy downpours on Friday, Lenasia residents have been urged to visit the Avalon Cemetery to maintain some of the gravesites. It’s understood a number of graves have sunk in due to the adverse weather...

[LISTEN] How to Make a Hundred Rand Last Years & Kindle Fond Memories

Ahmed Waja– 25/02/2021 Can you stretch a hundred bucks so that it benefits an entire family, not only for a day but for a few years? Impossible? Not really, considering it's what you do with the blue note that can really add real value to any family including your...
Man Shot Dead in Lenasia in Apparent Hit

Man Shot Dead in Lenasia in Apparent Hit

Faizel Patel – 16/02/2021 (Twitter: @FaizelPatel143) Police are investigating a case of murder and attempted murder after a man was shot dead in an apparent hit in Lenasia. It's understood the man was being chased by unknown suspects driving a white Mazda in Hydrangea...

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