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Life after Divorce

By Naadiya Adams  21:10:2020 Divorce is a painful experience that all societies go through; according to experts, it is becoming more prevalent. The difference, however, is how we, as a society, respond to divorced couples and how we fight the stigma associated with...


By Zainub Jada Mental Health & Wellness Coach 21:10:20 Emotionally Intelligence We probably all know people, either at work or in our personal lives, who are really good listeners. No matter what kind of situation we're in, they always seem to know just what to...

Water Bottle Challenge that will make you Smile

By Mumtaz Moosa Saley 20:10:20 Spring was supposed to be the season of coolness and beautiful scenery; however, in the last few days, South Africa has been hit by a heatwave. I have decided to put out a challenge to my friends, family and communities to take empty...

Zubeida Jaffer honoured with lifetime achievement award for journalism

By Annisa Essack 20:10:20 Her childhood was in a mixed community, labelled Coloured under Apartheid. Her entry into journalism was due to the urgings of a father who possibly recognised her talent before she did and her entrance into the University of Cape Town...