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Ode to Corona

  Faheema Ayob -  Radio Islam Listener  Ode to Corona You have brought the whole world to its knees🌍 Humankind have lost their sense of peace Sent down by a power even greater then you To teach us a lesson or two We realise upon reflection, 🤔 That Our existence...

“I Was Tested Positive For COVID-19” – Heartfelt Story By A Muslim Sister

  Assalamu alaykum and hi to all. I recently tested positive with covid 19, doing much better now. Alhamdulillah I want to share my story with you all. Im the most paranoid mom and i was always careful even before covid 19 came into our country, I'm the germs...

[LISTEN] Kwara Kekana: Beating COVID-19 and returning to the Office

Husain Mohamed – 23/06/2020  With the novel coronavirus continuing to make its way through South Africa, many of those who contract the disease do eventually beat it. South Africa currently has more than 100 000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. On a lighter side the total...

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Mujahideen Victory Day

Mujahideen Victory Day

Mujahideen Victory Day is a public holiday in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on April 28th each year and takes place over 3 days. This holiday marks the anniversary of the victory over Soviet Russian troops and the birth of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In...

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