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Africa’s Forgotten Refugees

  Catherine Constantinides and Vitalio Angula   World Refugee Day falls each year on June 20th and is dedicated to refugees around the globe. World Refugee Day was held globally for the first time on June 20, 2001, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the...

The Gig Worker Evicted and Left to Perish from Coronavirus

This is the story of a guy called Rajesh. Rajesh was also, like the rest of the world, sheltering in place due to the coronavirus outbreak, only, unlike most of us, who were locked down at home, Rajesh was stuck in the UK. I know there are many people all over the...

The Country Needs To Make The Best Decisions Based On Science – Dr Glenda Gray

Naseerah Nanabhai 28-05-2020 Last Sunday South Africa recorded its biggest jump in new COVID-19 cases at 1,160. Fears remain as our knowledge is limited to how the pandemic will continue to spread throughout the continent. Professor Glenda Gray, a member of the...

Madagascar ‘Covid-Organics’ questioned

Madagascar’s president, Rajoelina claims that the island nation has found a cure for Covid-19. He launched the tonic last month, claiming it had cured several people and so far urged his fellow African heads of state to embrace the herbal remedy. This is despite...

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