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‘Libertaire, Egalitaire, Fraternitaire’, or So They Say

Yesterday, the shocking news of two Muslim women who had been stabbed in Paris, France,(briefly)  hit the headlines. They had been stabbed by two other women, screaming “Dirty Arab!” and “Go back to your country!” near the Eiffel Tower. While the incident has been...

[LISTEN] Ml Sulaiman Moola: “Don’t Walk Away from the Parents Who Taught You to Walk”

Faizel Patel – 20/10/2020 (Twitter: @FaizelPatel143) Esteemed and renowned Islamic scholar Ml Sulaiman Moola says Islam has attached great importance and significance to parents. Ml Moola was rendering a dose of naseeha during his weekly Spiritual Ladder series in a...

[LISTEN] Ml Sulaiman Moola: “This World Does not Justify or Warrant Your Tears, Its Transitory, Mundane & Passing Phase

Faizel Patel – 16/10/2020 (Twitter: @FaizelPatel143) Esteemed Islamic scholar Ml Sulaiman Moola says people rarely reflect on the advices of the Sahaba (RA) when they seek inspiration, motivation and even a solution when grappling with a problem. Ml Moola was...

[LISTEN] Ml Sulaiman Moola: Who are You to Taunt a Person if they Repented for a Sin? This is Completely Evil & Unacceptable.”

Faizel Patel – 12/10/2020 (Twitter: @FaizelPatel143) Well-respected and esteemed Islamic scholar Ml Sulaiman Moola says people sometimes trespass the limits when they want to effect change in themselves and in others in the quest for goodness and pursuit of...