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Start 2021 on a Good Note, Spend Wisely Borrow Wisely!

Faizel Patel –12/01/2021 (Twitter: @FaizelPatel143) It is that time of the year where some consumers will feel like Januworry is three months long because of their financial situation. Unfortunately, some consumers are currently finding it difficult to meet their...

Are You Equipping Your Kids With Soft Skills to Take on the World? #Worldready

By Naadiya Adams As we become adults, we realise that there are so many things we didn’t learn as children that would assist us in everyday life. I remember thinking to myself when faced with doing my taxes for the first time, how come they never taught us this in...

Online exhibit honours Suleiman the Magnificent

An online exhibit is marking the half-millennium since Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent rose to the throne. The virtual exhibition titled "The Age of Suleiman the Magnificent" will display the great sultan's poems written under the pen name Muhibbi or Lover in...

Modern Day Publishing

Publishing has become a lot more accessible recently where authors can circumvent the publication houses and simply design, print and market their own book – which may make sense for a lot of people. So why go through the agony of submitting your manuscript to the...